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X’s Latest Traffic Numbers Show a Decline in Average Time Spent Per User


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, understanding user engagement is crucial for platform success. Recently, X owner Elon Musk shared the latest traffic numbers, emphasizing total user seconds as the key metric for engagement. However,socialinhibitions.com,Mysterybio.com,BiographyFrame.com,BloggerVista.com,mindblowingPost.com,BlogSpectrums.com,BlogFlares.com,BlogBloomhub.com.cadmussecurityservices.ca,coupures-electricite.fr,contact-colis.com  a closer inspection reveals a decline in average time spent per user, challenging Musk’s narrative of increasing popularity.

Total User Seconds and Average Time Spent:

X reports an impressive 360.7 billion total user seconds per day, translating to 6.01 billion total minutes. With 253 million daily users, this suggests an average of 23.8 minutes per user per day. This figure, while substantial,socialinhibitions.com,Mysterybio.com,BiographyFrame.com,BloggerVista.com,mindblowingPost.com,BlogSpectrums.com,BlogFlares.com,BlogBloomhub.com.cadmussecurityservices.ca,coupures-electricite.fr,contact-colis.com  falls short of X’s earlier claim of 32 minutes per day and Twitter’s reported 30 minutes. The discrepancy raises questions about the accuracy of X’s user engagement metrics.

User Engagement vs. Total Users:

The apparent increase in average user seconds could imply a decrease in total users. To maintain a reported 32 minutes per day average, the total daily users would need to drop to 185 million, a decline of 68 million users. This prompts speculation about whether X is experiencing reduced usage per user or serving a smaller user base overall.

Web vs. Mobile Users:

Breaking down the user base, 88.55% of X’s users access the platform via mobile devices. This detail is crucial when considering a comparison chart that highlights X surpassing Instagram in web traffic. However, the chart solely considers web traffic, excluding app usage, rendering the comparison irrelevant and potentially misleading.

Flawed Instagram Comparison:

The comparison between X and Instagram raises further concerns. The chart compares only a fraction of X’s traffic against Instagram’s total usage, with both platforms primarily driven by mobile app engagement. Musk’s claim of X outperforming Instagram in usage is thus called into question, emphasizing the importance of accurate comparisons.

User Sign-ups vs. Overall Usage:

X asserts 1.5 million new account sign-ups daily, yet the overall usage numbers do not align with this claim. The discrepancy raises doubts about user retention or the accuracy of the reported sign-up figures. It is essential to scrutinize whether the influx of new users translates into sustained engagement.

Certified Oversight and Trust:

The absence of certified oversight complicates the assessment of X’s reported figures. Musk’s emphasis on total user seconds may not be reflective of actual user behavior, leading to a lack of trust in the presented metrics. Without independent verification, stakeholders may struggle to gauge the authenticity and reliability of X’s engagement statistics.


In conclusion, X’s latest traffic numbers indicate a decline in average time spent per user, contradicting Elon Musk’s assertion of increasing popularity. The discrepancy between reported metrics and user behavior raises questions about the accuracy of X’s figures. Stakeholders, marketers,socialinhibitions.com,Mysterybio.com,BiographyFrame.com,BloggerVista.com,mindblowingPost.com,BlogSpectrums.com,BlogFlares.com,BlogBloomhub.com.cadmussecurityservices.ca,coupures-electricite.fr,contact-colis.com  and users alike should approach these statistics with a critical lens, considering the potential impact on the platform’s credibility and perceived value.

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