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A Complete Guide to ikea ottawain Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Burlington


The Swedish furniture juggernaut IKEA has enjoyed tremendous success all over the world because to its reasonably priced, fashionable, and practical home decor. IKEA has established itself as a top choice for homeowners, renters, and interior design enthusiasts thanks to its several stores across Canada, including Ottawa, Calgary, Burlington, and Edmonton. We will examine each of these four IKEA locations in detail in this extensive guide, emphasising their distinguishing qualities, range of goods, and special experiences. Consequently, whether you’re an experienced IKEA shopper or a first-time visitor, let’s explore the IKEA world in Ottawa, Calgary, Burlington, and Edmonton.

Canadian IKEA:

IKEA Ottawa, a popular tourist and local attraction, is situated in the capital city. This large, 390,000 square foot store, which is located at 2685 Iris Street, has a wide selection of home furnishings. IKEA Ottawa has all of the furnishings you need to completely redecorate your home, including classic pieces like the Billy bookcase and Poäng chair as well as cutting-edge storage options, kitchen necessities, and decorative items. The business also has a lovely restaurant that serves Swedish specialties like meatballs and lingonberry jam.

Canadian IKEA:

IKEA Calgary, located at 8000 11th Street SE in Calgary, Alberta, warmly welcomes guests. This store, which boasts a staggering 428,000 square feet of floor space, provides a broad range of furnishings, lighting, fabrics, and other items. IKEA Calgary features a variety of display rooms that present diverse design concepts, so you can find inspiration for equipping a new house or redecorating a room there. Remember to take a break in the IKEA cafe, where you can enjoy delectable Swedish dishes like salmon platters and cinnamon buns.

IKEA in Burlington:

The Southern Ontario hub for home goods is IKEA Burlington, which is located at 1065 Plains Road East. This store offers customers a wide range of fashionable and inexpensive furniture alternatives thanks to its enormous 396,000 square feet of retail area. IKEA Burlington satisfies a variety of tastes and demands with its selection of modular kitchens, bedroom sets, and children’s furnishings. Smland, the store’s play area, provides a supervised setting where kids may have fun while their parents shop without stress. The IKEA restaurant, famous for its Swedish meatballs, also serves food with a Swedish influence to patrons.

Walmart Edmonton:

IKEA is well-represented at 1311 102nd Street NW in the thriving metropolis of Edmonton. IKEA Edmonton is the biggest of the four stores described in this book, covering a vast area of 640,000 square feet. This large store offers a wide variety of home furnishing options on several floors, guaranteeing there is something for everyone. IKEA Edmonton has everything you need, including patio furniture, bathroom needs and creative storage options. Don’t pass up the delicious food at the IKEA restaurant, which includes Swedish staples like herring and customary sweets.

Services and unique experiences:

In addition to their outstanding product selections, each IKEA location in Ottawa, Calgary, Burlington, and Edmonton also offers distinctive experiences and services to improve the shopping experience for their patrons. The IKEA Family programme, which offers members privileged discounts and benefits, is available at all four sites. It also offers assembly assistance and home delivery services. In addition, the shops frequently hold workshops and events on sustainability, organisation, and interior design, giving clients access to insightful information and inspiration.


IKEA has made a name for itself as a top global supplier of reasonably priced and chic home furnishings. IKEA’s dedication to giving customers high-quality items and great experiences is best demonstrated by its sites in Ottawa, Calgary, Burlington, and Edmonton. These IKEA locations have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a particular piece of furniture, seeking design inspiration, or just wanting to eat some delicious Swedish food. Consider visiting the IKEA stores in Ottawa, Calgary, Burlington, and Edmonton for all of your home furnishing needs whether you’re a local or just passing through.

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